Here’s a few of the bloggers who turned up last night at Iain and Guido’s bash when it was announced that the latest juicy Labour sleaze will not be wasted, but go towards Vol 2 of The Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze due out next spring. Let’s get writing!

The room was packed – all male bloggers as Bel and I were the only female contributers and she could not make it – hopefully more will get stuck in for Vol 2.

I was determined to meet as many people as possible, I did not want to get home and find I had missed the chance of talking to some of my favourite bloggers. Even though I did my best, I still missed out on quite a few.

But it was quite fabulous to chat to Paul Linford, Devil’s Kitchen, Tom Paine, Mike Denham, Mike Rouse, Dizzy, Croydonian and James Cleverly, as well as Guido and Iain (apologies if I missed out anyone, which I’m sure I have). I was in my element and thrilled to be in great like-minded company. I think the biggest surprise was Guido – he seemed quite normal, I was expecting him to be very outrageous in the flesh too. Did any others who went along have any surprises? Were all those anonymous bloggers just as you expected them to be?