For those of you who have been following my Dell nightmare saga, there was an incredibly swift response from them once they picked up my complaint via my blog.

They collected the faulty laptop on Monday and returned it this morning, having replaced the fan, m/board, palmrest and top cover as the hinges were broken, which I did not realise. So it should be as good as new.

I am very grateful and would like to say a big thank you to Dell, to their resolution manager Martyn Blackburn for the way he dealt with this so promptly and professionally, and their customer advocate John in Texas, who found my blog and put the wheels in motion.

My only concern is that the same overheating problem will recur in a few months time. The last time the fan was replaced, I was told that Dell were now using a superior fan which would not cause any more problems, but that wasn’t the case, so how do I know this fan will be any better. I believe this is the fourth time it has been replaced, so naturally it does bother me, especially as my warranty has now expired.

But I am very appreciative to Dell for their actions, and it proves they mean it when they say in their signature: “Dell is constantly looking at ways to improve its customer experience.”

And thanks again to Geoff who told me Dell would pick up on this if I wrote about it.