You can join me and take part in the day in the life of a blogger on Tuesday, so future generations can glimpse the life of 21st century Britain.

A digital time capsule will be posted on a website and then archived permanently at the British Library.

This is an ingenious way of recording social history and actors Stephen Fry and Sir Derek Jacobi, the writer Bill Bryson and historian Bettany Hughes have already signed up.

You can too, by registering with the National Trust which is staging this unique One Day In History project. It is described as as “a blog for the national record”.

The aim is to present a snapshot of everyday life, as well as reflecting on how history itself has impacted on our lives. It’s a very creative way of capturing the essence of our different lives and thoughts, I wonder what future generations will make of them.
I shall sign up. This is your chance for posterity, your chance to make history…

Update: 20th October 2006, David Cameron’s contributes to this historic day.