It’s hard to believe that a journalist who becomes a PR chief representing Microsoft cannot understand what blogging is all about. That seems to be the case with former FT writer Paul Abrahams (pictured), who made this amazing revelation to Tom Foremski, who has written about it on his high profile Silicon Valley blog.

Tom naturally seems quite shocked about this confession, particularly the fact that Abrahams has expressed these views in the latest PR Week, which I am still waiting to arrive on my doorstep.

Tom describes his call from his former boss:

“What he wanted to tell me was that he had written a column for the UK PR Week trade publication on blogging. I’ve mentioned you in it,” he said. “But I’ve basically said, regarding all this stuff about blogs, I just don’t get it…”

“Fair enough, some do, some don’t. However, I asked if it was a good move on his part to advertise such a a lack of understanding of blogs!?”

This follows hot on the heels of Colin Farrington’s shock declaration that he was not “that keen” on blogs. He is director general of the CIPR, the UK’s major PR support organisation and clearly does not have his finger on the pulse. His comments sent shockwaves among leading PR bloggers. Here is an extract:

“I’m not that keen on ‘blogs’.

“But then I wasn’t keen on DVDs, mobile phones, Ipods and Blackberries until they suddenly became an essential part of business and social life. I guess there’s a special marketing category for middle aged male professional ‘catchers-up’.

“But aren’t most ‘blogs’ boring?: ill-informed, rambling descriptions of the tedious details of life or half-baked comments on political, sporting or professional issues They read like a mixture of the ramblings of the eponymous Pub Landlord and the first draft of a second rate newspaper column.”

I wonder if Microsoft, whose fortunes have soared due to ace blogging and will greatly miss the unique services of blogger Robert Scoble, realises that one of its PR men hasn’t grasped the basics of blogging? Foremski is also clearly puzzled:

“I don’t think that Paul Abrahams, head of Waggener Edstrom’s large UK office, and also a senior member of its nine-strong Leadership team, should be seeking publicity from a journalist blogger (me) about how he doesn’t get blogs! And also broadcasting that fact to the entire PR industry, which is desperately trying to “get” blogs and setting up “New Media” practices by the boatload. I guess he knows what he’s doing, he is a professional practitioner and in an elite position within the PR industry. But it still puzzles me…!”

I remember Geoff, who pointed out this excellent SV story, telling me that you are either a blogger or you not, you cannot make people blog if it is not in their nature. And I think he is spot on.

I’m open to offers if Microsoft needs help with PR blogging…