Welcome to a new female blue blogger – only this one wears a uniform and gives some interesting inside info about life on the beat .

PC Bloggs gives useful tips on what to avoid saying if you don’t want to get booked for speeding; certainly best not to blurt out that you pay their salary!
She is also conducting her own survey on police overtime as the much derided Home Office wants to slash this bill by 15%, despite the increasing terrorist threats and staff morale being at an all-time low with officers leaving the force left, right and centre, though there are some that still love their job.

I’m amazed that PC Bloggs can find the time to write a weblog with all the paper work and bureacracy they are faced with. But I like what she writes, getting the grassroots view about the life and work of a WPC.
By the way, if the police will not confirm an enquiry, it means “yes”. You read it here.