Stretham Players, including a “guest” appearance by moi

When I started this blog I explained about my fear of public speaking. I decided to face it head on by joining my local Stretham Players in a show of songs from the West End. I made my debut as a chorus girl and picked up a few tricks on the night, such as drinking warm water before going on stage to prevent the throat from drying up: I can really vouch for its effectiveness, especially with a glass of nice red wine in the other hand.

I won’t say I sang like a nightingale, or that I will be auditioning for the Royal Academy of Music, but I gave it my best and we all had a great evening. I even made my debut as a singing nun!

We did have a few of “pros” with us, Christian, who has auditioned for Guys and Dolls and is a dead cert to succeed – otherwise it’s their loss! And Matt, our musical director, a former head chorister at Ely Cathedral. We also had the raw talent of Bob, who plays a lead role in a Meatloaf copy band.